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videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software. We deliver world-leading, cloud-native VSaaS and on-premise security solutions.

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videoNEXT is a developer of enterprise-class software. Our unparalleled service and support give our customers the confidence to expand their technology adoption while saving time and money. We provide best value video surveillance and management solutions by providing our feature rich offerings on hardware agnostic platforms.


videoNEXT is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality, video surveillance products and systems complemented with an unparalleled level of customer support and services.


videoNEXT software provides full featured Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) for mid-size and enterprise class businesses. Our VSaaS offerings provide our customers and partners full featured, cloud-native video surveillance and management capabilities for all their Video Surveillance needs.


Whether you’re looking for specialized functionality, enhanced capabilities, or simply added peace of mind, videoNEXT selection of video surveillance accessories from video walls, mobile applications and video analytics are available and proven to add value; our accessories enhance your ability to readily apply feature rich video surveillance to your daily operations.

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Empowered by Innovation

videoNEXT enhances enterprise-level security and surveillance management and control using brand independent hardware and networks.

videoNEXT leverages engineering discipline and an extensive background in complex technology implementation to create a superior solutions for simplifying and synchronizing your security and surveillance systems.

The company’s flagship platforms, JetStreamVS and Stratus, and its suite of enhancements leverage a classical IT approach to video and sensor management for capturing, organizing, storing, and displaying video; and integrate other Internet Of Things (IOT) devices and sensor data.

What We Offer



videoNEXT can help companies small or large gain insight on their business and security environments with our video surveillance products: JetStreamVS & Stratus.


You’ve invested significant resources to build your Cloud. Now you are building out Cloud services for your market to drive Store, Compute, and Bandwidth consumption and revenue. Nothing consumes those resources AND provides your customers with valued services as effectively as video surveillance. JetStreamVS is already being used by two of the world’s top 25 telecommunications companies to power their own VSaaS solutions. JetStreamVS is a proven, reliable, and manageable SaaS solution which can be readily added to your cloud.

JetStreamVS is a White Label solution. You control your own marketing and advertising. Your service will carry your own unique brand identity – at your direction.


Full featured and robust, Stratus is highly reliable and highly available. Stratus is an on-premise solution capable of meeting the most stringent requirements for surveillance and security. Many of the world’s most demanding clients use Stratus to monitor and protect their most important assets, facilities, and missions. Stratus will also future-proof your enterprise whether or not you decide to migrate from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution.

You need a product that ensures your mission critical assets and resources. Stratus has the pedigree. Join satisfied clients like the US Department of Homeland Security, Saudi Aramco, and the US Air Force in trusting Stratus for on-premise solutions.

Stratus installations have achieved the following certifications:

Information Assurance, FISMA, JITC, DIACAP scorecard streamlines ATC and ATO for government networks, US Air Force certification, DHS Level 5, DoD SEIWG ICDs and standards for interoperability, and MISB standards for FMV.

What We Offer



videoNEXT’s provides robust cloud-based video surveillance capabilities to customers, as opposed to an on-site video security system. videoNEXT’s VSaaS CAVU, can be quickly implemented and affordably enhance your missions capabilities.

CAVU - Cloud Based VSaaS Flexible for Business

Flexible and robust; CAVU is videoNEXT’s Cloud-Based Video Surveillance as a Service solution. CAVU is available to B2B customers, in North America, who do not want to, or are currently unable to, host VSaaS on their own cloud; but desire its cost and service advantages. We named our solution CAVU, Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, because our solution is cloud native. When you subscribe to CAVU, the capabilities provided (your ceiling) are infinitely scalable, and the reach enabled is only bounded by your requirements (your visibility is practically unlimited)

What We Offer



Engineered to the highest standards and tested extensively to assure precise compatibility and optimum performance, all our accessories offer videoNEXT quality, supported by the best service in the industry.

Video Analytics give you the ability to intelligently manage visual information from your cameras, whether you’ve got ten or 10,000. Automated alerts make sure that you’re not lost looking for the active camera. Intelligent event-driven logs make it simple to find the footage you want in the middle of days of recorded video.

Our system is uniquely configurable. You can add, drop, and reconfigure channels of video analytics on your system as you go. Enjoy intelligence that evolves flexibly with your mission – just like you do.

Command and Control is a difficult mission. Surveillance should level the playing field. Our Video Wall solution lets you get up close and personal with every inch of your Area of Responsibility. The Video Wall, once integrated with our software, helps you navigate to and magnify the action rapidly and intuitively. Don’t get lost in your system; own it.

videoNEXT doesn’t build hardware. That’s why our Video Wall Solution is designed to operate on COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) equipment. As a result, our Video Wall is more resilient than the competition. We’re delivering industry leading reliability. How do we know? Our clients tell us how much better our Video Wall is than the last one – year, after year, after year…

You’re going to enjoy having a Video Wall solution that has your team saying nothing but: “It works”.

Say goodbye to finicky, proprietary hardware and hello to a fully COTS Video Wall solution from videoNEXT. Standard hardware means that your team can cost effectively scale, maintain, and configure your videoWall without costly, extensive training.

Lose the wires! videoNEXT delivers confidence wherever you’re standing with remote streaming to mobile devices. Our app is available on iOS and Android. You can manage basically everything from the mobile app. Remote check-ups, system health information, and live streaming – get a little peace of mind between text messages with our mobile apps.

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At videoNEXT we stand behind our products and our commitment to unprecedented customer service. Our Technical Support is always available when you need it.


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The best way to ensure the health of your videoNEXT system is to enroll in one of our cost-effective service agreements. Out-of-warranty and out-of-service agreement support requests will be invoiced.

Customers and resellers who require after-hours, weekend, or holiday technical support that cannot wait until the next business day must be under warranty or have a current service level agreement or active support plan. Those who are not covered by a warranty or support plan will be invoiced per hour with a four (4) hour minimum.

Online Support


Go to http://help.videonext.com to submit your support issue. Prior to submitting, please consult our support documentation, as your issue may be answered there. Upon receipt of your submission, a support ticket number will be created and your request will enter the technical support queue. You will then be contacted by a videoNEXT team member.

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To expedite the handling of your request, please email any relevant support files in advance of opening a technical support ticket or calling.

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First: Go to http://help.videonext.com to submit your support issue.

Then: Call us at +1-703-657-1200 or toll free +1-866-723-3077 . Please be prepared to provide your product name, version number, and serial number(s) for verification.

Press “2” to be connected with the next available Technical Support Engineer. If all engineers are assisting others, you may hold, or have your call returned as soon as possible.

Support hours, and holiday support will be handled per your service level agreement or support plan.

Faster Service
To expedite the handling of your request, please email any relevant support files in advance of opening a technical support ticket or calling (703) 657-1200.

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At videoNEXT we stand behind our products and our commitment to unprecedented customer service. Our Technical Support is always available when you need it.

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